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International trading

Specialization in non-ferrous metals and agricultural products. Vegetable oils - technical and food, grain, agricultural fertilizers.


Trade finance

Services Financing International Trade. Overview of legal and financial risk-management considerations in financing international business transactions.


Our motto

"A friendship founded on business is better than a business founded on friendship"

Import Export Business & International Trade

ATARTRADE LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY is a lot of disciplines, import / export, providing a wide range of services for small, medium, large and medium-sized enterprises. Our strong business relationships across the country and World. With extensive experience in working with clients and doing business in USA and Europe, we are able to develop trade solutions to business requirements.

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Import Export Business & International Trade

ATARTRADE LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY our experience and responsible business practices and affect the positive development of the business and enabled increased cooperation with international companies. The successful development of trade in raw materials in different markets allows us to benefit from economies of scale. Our professional specialists through their flexible approach to meet all customer needs and are always ready to provide professional advice or offer different options for the use of raw materials and agricultural products.

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Our trade and trade-related services

Search commodity

Successful businesses have extensive knowledge of customers and of their competitors.

negotiate conditions

Contract negotiations include discussion and compromise on the terms of the agreement, in order to achieve the final effect.

Negotiating prices

Negotiating the right deal with your suppliers doesn't necessarily mean getting what you want at the cheapest possible price.

Organization of transport

Negotiation of optimal transport of the product concerned. Mainly we use sea transport. Deliveries under the terms of CIF.

Opening the Instrument of payments

We specialize in financial contracts. We know all about bank guarantees and letters of credits.

Implementation of delivery

We deliver on CIF. We also organize delivery to the customer's door. We use the best proven sea shippers and carriers.

Products, Import Export Business & International Trade, Our work

Percentage of sales  in trade and services


Raw materials

We deliver to the final recipient: mineral fertilizers, raw materials for the glass industry and non-ferrous metals.


Agricultural products

Grain, maize and rapeseed. Beet pulp and other products for animal feed.


Vegatable oils

Vegatable oils for the production of biodiesel and edible oils for the food industry.



Other transport services and help in financing trade organization service letters of credit and Stand By Letter of Credit.

business partner


© Power Oil Rostock GmbH – Ein Unternehmen der GETREIDE AG


German rapeseed oil refinery


Shandong Shouguang Jiahe Bio-Tech Co., Ltd.

ISO9001 Certificate


Chinese manufacturer of mineral fertilizers



Cargill Brazil


Production of raw oil, degummed oil, refined oil, packaged oil.


Artemsol GP


The largest modern enterprise for production and processing of rock salt.

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        1. Company No. USWY000736220

        2. EID No. 30-0962498

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         Banks and Chambers

             1. US Bank

             2. Bank in Switzerland

             3. U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Our managers and specialists in international trade


Stephanie Dillon

manager of the company

Years of experience in running a business.


Peter Collins


High-class trader. Specialist logistics and payment instruments.


Andrew Lado


Manager - a specialist in the impossible.

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